The ST Residences Lite Story

Building Relationships, Brain Juices and Networks Everywhere

Our team is driven by our love for creativity and community.

ST Residences Lite seeks to bring back the joy and ecstasy in travel. While it is important to see unfamiliar areas, we tend to forget the importance of community and companionship in a timeline when all is reachable with the tapping of a few buttons.
But the human heart is not connected by the perusal of digital media.

Our rare culture blends professionalism and informality that means disciplines coalesce. Our concept encourages this mixing to happen by facilitating the people with different backgrounds to come together and mingle.
This is when hopefully, we realize that we are all similar despite minute differences.

In ST Signature Lite, you have the free choice of having fun with your housemates in the designated common areas. We understand that people may have those days when they just want to be alone, and as housemates, we all respect that. This strikes the perfect balance of being in solitude and companionship - all in your control.

Overall, we want your stay in Singapore, right in the center of its communities, to give you a precious piece of memory that will stay with you for life. If a small country such as Singapore can make such a strong impact on the world, much more so can a small community on a person. We want to spread ripples into your life.