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Looking for a truly local experience?

Can lah!


The Co-living Hype

Be Real

What else is a better, more authentic experience than having a stay at the most local locations, where 80% of us stay in? The HDB experience gives anyone a good idea into what the Singaporean life is like, be it the night suppers with your mates at the Hawker Centers just across the road, or simply just heading to the nearest NTUCs at any time of the day.

Flexible modern choice

Here's a choice that you have the ability to make. Would you like to stay in a fully-furnished apartment with friendly roommates, but also having the choice to have a private room all to yourself? We espouse the perfect, worry-free blend of privacy and company.


ST Co-living aims to build a community that is unique and warm. As a community that aims to represent the different ideas, various personalities all across the world, you can be sure that you will find a piece of home, or form close bonds with the colourful personalities you will be sure to find at our events.

What they've said

Cheryl Marshall-tan

"I thought that the journey to Singapore alone was going to be a long and lonely one, turned out otherwise!."

Kelvin soh

"I easily managed to make friends with my flatmates. Furthermore, ST Co-living has made the moving-in process hassle-free! "

Yang Ying

"I completely did not think that living spaces could be thought about this way. I actually liked the social aspect of living with others."

Our Residential Ranges

premium Bedroom with balcony

Type A rooms are our take on the balance between the private and the social with a bit of luxury. Retreat , recharge and step outside again.

Enjoy Space and Luxury by Co-living in Type A!

Look at Type A

one bedroom regular double

Type B rooms afford space. It comes with more area to stretch your feet, prepared for those days where you just don't feel like leaving home.

Come have a look at Type B and see how lovely it is.

See Type B

one bedroom Regular double

Type C rooms also afford space, similarly to our Type Bs. Differently located within the apartment, perhaps your world is found in a different corner.

Check out Type C and we're sure you would love your stay.

Try Type C

1 Bedroom - Regular Single

Type D rooms are our take on the economical and minimalist preferences of the modern man. Simply designed, but stocked with the necessities for your work and social life, this is how you can enjoy spending your time out, and then coming back to a cozy, warm, room where you have everything to yourself.

Explore Type D and perhaps this cozy room is the residence for you!

Find out more about Type D

1 Bedroom - standard Single

Type E is another variety of our minimalist series located differently in the same apartment. Similarly designed with the traveller in mind, this room is also furnished with chic black furniture, with a white background. The minimalist feel is sure to give anyone a homely and serene impression when it is time to rest.

Come read about Type E, and perhaps this room is one you can call home in Singapore.

All about Type E

The ST room experience

What to expect from us

Build a community of friends and family around your room stay. With our co-living concept, you will never feel alone! Feel free to use the common kitchens, living and dining rooms together.
Fully Furnished
Heaters, washing machines, Beds, Sofas, no need to worry about buying them for your stay here. We will make you feel at home. Wifi, common areas, washing machines are all complimentary.
Maintenance of the rooms should never be the worry of our guests. Rest assured as you have the option of leaving the rooms' cleanliness to our friendly team.
The key that makes up the Co-living experience is the multitude of events we have planned for you. Use this chance to mingle with like-minded spirits!
Worried about safety? Our digital locks and security cameras will provide the safety in an already low crime-rate Singapore.
In rare cases of emergency, we will have our hosts on call, ready to provide assistance whenever necessary. You are in safe hands.